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Cindy Hoover


Born in southern California and raised in the North State, as a native, I feel that I've had the best of both worlds from early on.  From beaches to our majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, I find myself happiest in nature and at an 8-10,000 ft. elevation. 


My first experience in photography was at 15 through a course at Paradise High school, from that time in life I was captivated by the fact that I could freeze a moment in time, forever.  Now that film has quietly faded, I've absorbed most of my time in digital photography that has guided me back to my childhood roots in the Eastern Sierra, a place where over 70 years and 5 generations of my family call home away from home. 


While the majority of my images are from the Wild Sierra & Beyond, I have recently pursued further interests in commercial photography.  



You can find a little of my photography at Chico Paper Company, from there you'll see some manipulations of places that have guided me from the Wild Sierra and Beyond.